GPIB product 800 series

AD converter
for GPIB
12bit 8ch ADM-828GP GPIB control AD converter
This machine is a 12-bit 8-channel AD converter unit with the GPIB interface. 
The 256K words buffer memory is built in, and it is the highest sampling speed. 10 u seconds An AD translation is performed by /CH.
The range of an analog input can be chosen from three kinds of }10V/}5V/}2.5V by jumper setup.
Although the source oscillation clock of a sampling is 20MHz, it can input the source oscillation clock of a sampling from the exterior.
The internal trigger which supervises the analog input CH0 and performs it, the external trigger by the TTL level from the outside, and the soft trigger by the command from a personal computer are possible.
This machine has equipped 8 bits of digital (status) inputs besides an analog input, and 1 bit of digital outputs.

It is based on IEEE488.2 standard and there are also a SRQ dispatch function by state change of the state of a sampling or a status input and a serial pole response function.
A GPIB address can be set up with a DIP switch.

Mounting arrangement of the Light Emitting Diode which carries out the monitor of the advance state of a sampling to a front panel is carried out.
Back panel being alike -- an analog input and the connector for digital input-and-output signals, a GPIB connector, an address setting DIP switch, and AC power supply input in let are arranged

Since the power supply is also built in, ADM-828GP operates by AC100V.

The main specifications
The number of analog input channels Eight channels (single end)
Analog input voltage range It chooses by jumper setup of this part inside the plane (}10V/}5V/}2.5V).
Input impedance More than 100Mohm
Sampling speed In the case only of a channel 0 10microS (100kHz)
In the case of two or more channels (The number of 10x execution channels) microSecond
(When an internal clock is used, the maximum time is till 20MHz/4294967295= 214.748 seconds)
AD translation Resolution 12 bits
AD translation Nonlinearity }0.025%FS
Conversion data buffer memory 256K words
The following option articles are prepared for ADM-828GP.
A cable with a connector
 (one end 57-30500 (equivalent to the product made from DDK), other end rose)
CN50M-10A (a length of 1m) \5,400
CN50M-20A (a length of 2m) \7,200

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